Sunday, 8 April 2012

i zen body slimmer

I recently bought the i-zen body slimmer from gmarket after watching the TV commercial on Channel U. Well, I admit I love watching those paid TV commercials because every item look and perform amazingly. How not to watch and be tempted to get one asap? LOL.

Now we are talking about a gadget that allows you to break down the deep fat deposits underneath the layers of our thick skin. Anyone tempted? If you read from my profile you know I'm a working mum. And I admit I'm lazy to exercise. Mind you, I do have a gym package in California Fitness but I'm just too lazy to even make a trip there.

So any method that doesn't require you to diet, exercise yet promise to lose weight and tone up seems like a dream, right? Luckily the i-zen gadget is not expensive so I decided to make my purchase from gmarket after some deliberations. Hey, I need to think carefully on every purchase in gmarket as it can be very addictive!

Will update this blog after I take down my measurement and really put this gadget to work. :)


  1. Hello:) I was tempted too. Im a mother myself. And I do exercise sometimes. But this gadget sounded amazing. Is it of any good?

    1. hello, if I zen works?

  2. Hi ..
    I hope you take advantage of the device ..
    I have a question device useful??
    Do you helped to break down fat
    I hope to write about your experience ... I want to buy it but I am extremly

    I hope I did not bother for you